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We’re here to help.

What Free or Low Cost Services can we assist you with?

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Communicate via phone or in Person – FREE

People are standing by all over the world willing to walk you through the process of pregnancy and chat with you about it 24/7 either over the phone by a call, text, or even in person with a pregnancy support group.   It’s anonymous, we don’t track you, and we never ask you for money.  We love you.  Here are some options for you.

Embrace Grace – Local Groups for Unexpected Pregnancy –  info@embracegrace.com

OptionLine:    |      1-800-712-4357    |     TEXT: Helpline 313131

Birthright International:  24 hr |      1-800-550-4900    |     MAIL: contact@birthright.org

Abortion Pill Reversal 24hr        |        (877) 558-0333    |    NONURGENT:    614-885-7577

Human Defense ( Our Helpline)|  humandefense.com |    TEXT:   (628)-777-3864


A Caring Clinic: FREE

Check out these pregnancy center directories for the closest center near you!

Check out these pregnancy center directories for the closest center near you!

Care Net |OptionLine|Heartbeat International |Crisis Pregnancy Center Map

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A Supportive Home – Free to Low-Cost

Maternity homes provide a safe and supportive environment for you while you are pregnant and even after your baby is born.

            Mercy Housing|                        Covenant Housing|                         Liberty GodParent (Va)|

For more maternity homes in your area, contact your local pregnancy center

app-business-computer-2265482 (1)Pregnancy Assisting Apps + Website

The BUMP is an amazing website that lets you track your pregnancy, newborn and infant.

|        The Bump          |             280 Days           |         Pregnancy +      |     What to Expect

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Adoption is a loving option if you choose not to parent. There are many couples anxious to love and hold a daughter or son. Adoption is also free for birth parents.

Whether you want more information or are ready to start the process check out the list below for adoption agencies near you:

National Council for Adoption | BraveLove   |  Adoption.com

              State Directory          | State Directory  |  State Directory


                Are you looking to adopt a child?  Here are a few resources for you. 

Christian Adoption Consultants   |   Adopt Us Kids  |    Step-by-Step Guide to Adopt


Other Resources

Forcing someone to have an abortion is illegal.  If someone you know is being pressured or forced into an abortion check out the The Justice Foundation’s Center.

The Justice Foundation’s Center Against Forced Abortion


Free or low-cost baby supplies:


Federal Assistance:

Pregnancy Centers are not the only life-affirming organizations who offer free assistance to mothers in need. Check out the organizations below for additional assistance:

If you or someone you know is struggling with post-abortive regret resources are also available for families that have been affected by abortion such as the organizations listed in the directory below.   Many pregnancy centers also have post-abortive healing programs.


The Baby Drop Off Box – Free & Anonymous

If you have exhausted every possible option for your pregnancy, or ran out of time to seek out options, there is always the Safe Haven drop off box.   Found in every State.


It’s safe.      It’s anonymous.    It’s an option you and your baby can live with.